Introducing a simple and convenient app Urban Servyces, for ordering carpenter, plumber, tutor, saloon, spa, etc… services at home in just a few clicks. it will take you only a few seconds to order services at your home.

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Today “home services on-demand” startups are growing very fast in many cities. Urban clap is one of the best examples for this project.

About Urban Servyces

Urban Servyces is a ready-made project for those who want to start a new startup like the UrbanClap in their city/town. Developed by UrbanTech Services. Urban Servyces is developed on android with firebase.
– User app ( on android )
– Vendor/professional app ( On Android )
– Super admin ( android app with tablet version )

Why we choose Firebase?

  • Build apps fast, without managing infrastructure.
  • Need less man-power
  • Backed by Google, trusted by top apps
  • Firebase products work great individually but share data and insights, so they work even better together.
  • Great support from the Firebase team
  • It provides ready-made products that save time in development and testing.
  • The best option for startups and medium-scale businesses.

Customer User Application

We have 2 different models for processing orders
1) Auto-assign order processing
2) Manual order processing

Customer order processing flow